Concert Ticket Invitation

Claire Ticket Style Wedding Invitation

From: £1.25

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This invitation is great for a relaxed informal wedding!  It is in the style of a concert ticket which even includes a novel tear off stub for your guests to return as their RSVP.  It is great fun and easily changed to match your theme by changing the print, font or colours.  It is DL size and comes in matt or iridescent card and can say pretty much anything you want!

Save The Date Card
Size – 75mm x 105mm
Price- £1.50

Flat Invitation
Size: 210mm x 98mm
Price: £2.50

Lanyard Invitation
Size: 148mm x 105mm (excluding lanyard)
Price: £3.95

Order of Service
Size: 210mm x 98mm
Price: £2.25

Size: 210mm x 98mm
Price: £1.50

Name Place Card
Size: 100mm x 60mm
Price: £1.15

Table Name Card
Size: 130mm square
Price: £1.50

Table Plan
Size: Printed A2
Price: £45.00

Thank You Post Card
Size 148mm x 105mm
Price: £2.25

Post Box
Size: 50cm tall 25 cm square approx
Price: £20.00

Guest Book
Size: 25cm x 21cm approx
Price: £20.00

Stationery Flat Invitation, Guestbook, Lanyard Invitation, Name Place Card, Order of Service, Post Box, ** Sample **, Save The Date, Table Name Card, Table Plan, Thank You Card
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